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On "The Taste of It"...


"Landon Woodson is a phenomenal onstage force: he moves and speaks with a masculine grace. It's easy to see why so many women would chase after his Ross"- Aurin Squire, New York Theatre Review

"Landon G. Woodson (remember his name) has the perfect physique for the role, but also emotional depths and a powerful voice."- Mari Lyn Henry,

On "Repairing A Nation"...

"Landon Woodson portrays Seth wonderfully, with just the right measure of seriousness and affection."- Marina Kennedy, Broadway World Reviews

On "The Mountaintop"...

"Woodson (less burly than King) does not seek to embody him; he rather evokes him in a way that’s feeling, persuasive, and complex. King’s sense of mission, his frustration, his natural eloquence, his doubts, his tenderness toward his family — Woodson makes all these qualities exquisitely real."- Barbara Adams, Ithaca Journal

"Woodson threads the needle between ordinary and greatness, revealing a man who is perplexed, tired, lonely, yet also goofy, a touch vain, and marvelously alive. He makes King wonderfully human, not a man with feet of clay, but feet that smell (“marching feet” he muses.)"- Ross Haarstad,

"Actor Landon G. Woodson portrayed King with a high degree of dramatic professionalism. Perhaps the most memorable moment in Woodson’s performance occurred when King was struggling to accept his impending death; in one instant, King is in blissful denial, while in the next he is sobbing into the lap of Camae, and Woodson brings the audience to tears along with him."- Nick Swan, The Cornell Daily Sun

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